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About us

We are a group of happy and innovative people with great passion to solve our african problems through provision of innovative solutions

Our skill

100 Happiness
100 Innovation
97 Software development
60 Game development

Our beliefs

We believe Innovation and technology are among the few best tools we have that can help solve majority of African problems

We believe no one will help Africa other than us , the African people

Our vision

To positively impact the day to day lives of millions of people living in Africa through provision of innovative solutions

Our values

  • Innovative
  • Happy people
  • Impact driven
  • High Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Lead with love

Our Culture

  • Do all work extraordinarily
  • Always ask how we can improve everything we touch
  • Not afraid to challenge status quo
  • Maximize happines of everyone we work with

What we do

We address African challenges through provision of innovative solutions


  • Entreprenuer's tranformative incubator
    • Co working space
    • Commercialisation
    • Software programming training
  • Innovation consultancy
  • Disruptive digital marketing

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Software products

Software products that solves real problems.
We use both old and new technologies to solve the problems. We are major player in old technologies such as SMS, USSD, Interactive voice response. We are also at the forefront on new technologies such as AI,AR,VR,Blockchain,NLP . We have developed a number of working solutions using the above mentioned technologies. We are also an offical WhatsApp Enterprise intergrator.

Custom software development

We design and develop innovative software products for our clients
We are working with client in the following sectors

    Retail, Banking, Aviation, Telecoms, Education, Advertising, Broadcasting, Non-Governmental Organisation

Game studio

We design and develop games

Who we are

Rockstar team

We are strongly bound by our beliefs and values which we religiously adhere to.

Get in touch with us

The Directors

Chairman : John Hercules Anagnostopoulos

Non-Executive Director

John is a seasoned Independent Financial Consultant. He has B.Comm degree from University of Natal – Durban); majors - Economics/Business Administration. Some of his clients are Brands Consumer Group (2009 – present), Ariston Holdings Limited (2015 – 2017), Zimbabwe Trade Exchange (2007 -2009), Harare & Districts Hellenic Community (2009)

He has served as a director for various big corporations such as Lion Microfinance Bank Limited (2017 – present), Consolidated Tobacco Processors (Private) Limited, formerly Chidziva Tobacco Processors (Chairman 2000 – 2019), TSL Limited (1997 – 2009) and Hunyani Holdings Limited (2005 – 2009);

In his early years of career he worked for some of the corporations here mentioned: Executive Director – Abington Investments (Private) Limited - public investment company (2005 – 2007), Finance Director – Zimbabwe Tobacco Association (1995 – 2005), Group Financial Controller – Lonrho Holdings Botswana (1989 – 1995), Group Accountant - Circle Foods Botswana (1987 -1989), TA Holdings Limited – Group Accountant Botswana (1980 – 1987) , Romatex Mills RSA – Accountant (1978 -1979) and Unilever Group RSA – Management Accountant (1973 -1978)

Hobbies/Interests, Reading, Sport, Fishing, Cookery

Cleopas Chiketa

Non-Executive Director

Cleopas is a Business Executive Coach. He is a member of International Coaches Federation (ICF) USA, and World Association of Business Coaches (Canada). Cleopas is a distinguished Human Resources practitioner with strong general management competencies. He is Deputy Director HR for Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) and serves the Institute of People Management of Zimbabwe (IPMZ) Council where he is Vice President - Finance and Audit. He also serves the Africa Executive Coaching Council Board and is Chairperson of Finance Committee. Cleopas has served global companies like the SAB Miller Group through Delta Corporation, Econet Wireless Group and Anglo America & Tiger Brands through National Foods Ltd. He was instrumental in the transformation of Tel One Centre for Learning and stirred the institution into a viable profit making institution with global reach and partnerships with UK and US based companies. Cleopas is an international speaker in coaching and leadership areas. He was honoured among 100 Best Global Coaches in February 2017| Taj Lands’ End, Mumbai India, and was crowned among the Who is Who of Professionals 2012 by the WHO Historical Society (USA) and was honoured by the Higher Life Foundation for the work he conducted in Leadership Development in February 2018.Cleopas was crowned the Best Manager in the Delta Corporation Management Development Programme (MDP) for the 2008 groups and serves Harvest House International Church as a Pastor. He is happily married to Memory and together they are blessed with four children, three boys and a girl. He plays and enjoys golf.

Willard Nyagwande

Non-Executive Director

Willard is a mature corporate and commercial strategy expert with a strong understanding of telecoms and ICT. He has been in the ZESA group for almost 10 years at very senior managerial level.  Currently employed as the Commercial Director of Powertel Communications, a wholly owned subsidiary of Zesa Holdings. He has more than 20 years’ experience at very senior level and pan African experience. Willard sits on a number of board such as the MAZ (Marketers Association of Zimbabwe).

Tendai Elvis Mugovi

Executive Director

Tendai Elvis Mugovi is a business executive who is passionate about innovation and disruption. He strongly believes that majority of Africa’s major challenges can and will be addressed by innovative application of technology and disruptive business models. He graduated with an honors degree in Business studies and Computer science from University of Zimbabwe. He previously worked as software developer and also a business development officer. Because of his academic background as well as previous working experience, Tendai has an intimate understanding of technology and the various innovative and sustainable business models.

The Team



Mr Shingi

Projects Manager



Pst Duncan



Network Engineer


Distributed Systems Engineer (Blockchain)


Artificial Intelligence Specialist (A.I)


Software Developer


Software Developer




Software Developer


Innovati Hub Manager


42 samora machel avenue
ICL bulding , first floor
Harare, Zimbabwe

Kids Code Academy

According to the World Economic forum work and job report, by 2022: 70% of the top 10 most sought after skills will require creativity ,complex problem solving techniques, analytical reasoning and technology. Our current education systems and setups however are not doing enough to prepare our kids for the future. The new curriculum and other schools have however made some improvements towards this front but it’s still far from what is needed. This is however understandable since curriculum need to cater for everyone in a holistic approach. We therefore have an urgent need to impart these skills at young age since literature also shows that the children introduced to technology at tender age have high chances of being successful in life. The Innovatihub kids code academy has an impressive curriculum for the age groups (grade 5-7)[11-13 years] AND (form 1-2)[13-15 years]. It’s a 4 month program.

Upon the program completion your child will amongst many other things be able to

  • Explain how fundamental technological platforms work . Things like the internet , computers , telecommunication, biotech etc
  • Understand the various career opportunities in the computer science field
  • Understand how technology have impacted the human race to date and how it will most likey affect our lives into the future
  • Understand how big software is developed and how is it maintained. They will be exposed to big systems on our clients such as Netone, Telecel ,CAAZ ,Banks etc
  • To dream of the possibilities that are brought about by computers and internet
  • To understand the internet business models : thus they will be able understand how companies such as facebook, google , amazon , Econet make money on internet
  • To have a general understanding on the technologies such as blockchain, Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, Virtual reality, Big data, crypto- currencies etc.
  • To develop and launch basic websites ~ Young class(grade 5-7)[11-13 years]
  • To develop and launch basic web application such as mock online store , Online forum, Business application ~ Senior class (form 1-2)[13-15 years]
  • To design and develop problem solving models or algorithms
  • They will be able to do the Mobile App training after completion of this program

Start date : 19 October 2019
Venue: Innovatihub 42 samora machel avenue ICL building , first floor Harare, Zimbabwe
Required : Laptop
Duration : 15 weeks
Cost : RTGS 500 per month for the first 10 students
Class time :Young age group :(grade 5-7)[11-13 years] Every saturday 9am - 12 am
Class time :Senior age group :(form 1-2)[13-15 years] Every saturday 2pm - 5 pm

Registration currently in progress - Call/Whatsapp 0773919335 email: